sliced cantaloupe
by Frances Bloomfield
Natural News
16 Reasons to eat cantaloupe this summer.

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Anti-coagulant - Cantaloupes contain adenosine, a chemical compound that acts as a blood thinner. Arteriosclerosis - The great amounts of vitamin C in cantaloupes. Cancer - Vitamin C, along with vitamin A. Cholesterol - More than just eliminating free radicals, cantaloupe antioxidants combat the oxidative stress. High-blood pressure - These melons have in abundance is potassium. Immune system - Cantaloupes are efficient in strengthening the immune system. Healthy skin - Cantaloupe are an excellent food for beautiful, glowing skin. Cataracts - Vitamin A also maintains good eyesight.
Benefits Of Cantaloupe
Cantaloupe Smoothie
Insomnia - Struggling to get a good night's sleep, go ahead and munch on some cantaloupe. Menstruation issues - Women who suffer, may find relief. Metabolic syndrome - This is the collective term for the conditions that can increase your risk of heart disease and diabetes. Muscle cramps - Without potassium, you become more prone to muscular cramps. Nicotine withdrawal - Cantaloupes help smokers deal with their nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Pregnancy - The vitamin B9, or folic acid. Stress - Potassium aids the body in more ways than one. Water retention - Sodium causes you to retain water.