Dripping Honey Natural News HONEY: Is this ancient medicinal food the key to fighting deadly drug-resistant infections?
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An estimated 60-70 percent of newborns have Clostridium difficile without exhibiting any symptoms of the disease. However, when the microbiome is attacked with wide spectrum of antibiotics, this bacteria exhibit irregular growth, leading to serious problems. The new study describes the Clostridium difficile infection as an increasing health problem. Overgrowth of Clostridium difficile typically takes place throughout antibiotic therapy when the normal digestive flora is disturbed.
How exotic honey helps fight Clostridium difficile.
Honey has been used for centuries as food and medicine. The team of researchers performed in-vitro studies proving that unprocessed honey has antibacterial properties, which fight an array of pathogens, including Clostridium difficile.
The study allowed a woman to be in full remission after the Manuka honey treatment.
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In the same study, a woman who had been resistant to any improvement following a plethora of antibiotics is now in full remission after receiving Manuka honey treatment. The 71-year-old woman was the first case of Clostridium difficile infection resistant to therapy. Nonetheless, she had full symptom withdrawal after bowel lavage with diluted honey.
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Honey is one of the most powerful healing foods on Earth. There are different studies that will support honey as a superfood and its important in fighting several diseases, offering a natural cure that chemical antibiotics can't replicate.
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