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There are many more rules the Health Ranger conveys in his podcast, and you can learn all of them by listening below or clicking here.
The top 10 rules for the next generation of liberty movement leaders (part 2 of 4). David Armstrong Written by David Armstrong
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The Health Ranger has learned over the years, is that you must be assertive, tell the truth always, and never apologize for doing so. For a long time, Adams said, he violated that rule and attempted to expand his readership and audience by living in the mainstream' media world, doing daytime television shows like "Dr. Oz."
But he discovered that when he just told the truth and was assertive and unapologetic in doing so, his reach expanded naturally.
"If you're going to tell the truth, if you're going to be a leader of the liberty movement, you have to make a decision now that you're going to prioritize the truth over popularity," he said. Being "philosophically truthful is far more valuable" than being popular, he added, especially when you're popular for all the wrong reasons.
"You'll never get a corporate sponsorship, nor should you ever want one," said Adams.