empty shelves The National Sentinel What Harvey and Irma teach about PREPPING for civil unrest.
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Last week in the days and hours before Hurricane Harvey made landfall in southeastern Texas, scores of people flocked to area stores for basic supplies - food, water, emergency medicines, gasoline. Most sold out within a few hours, leaving thousands of people out of luck, out of time, frustrated, angry, and scared. The same thing is happening in Florida now that the next massive storm, Hurricane Irma, is approaching.
Wal-Mart and Home Depot were far from the only stores with empty shelves as South Floridians filled social media timelines with photos of empty shelves at stores including Publix* and Wal-Mart. Calls late Tuesday to Publix's office weren't returned, but a Publix in Pembroke Pines said it expected additional supplies at 7 a.m. Wednesday, while a store in Doral said it did not know when it would be getting more water.
*Publix is a grocery store chain in the South.