Dennis Michael Lynch
The Truth with Dennis Michael Lynch
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Yesterday, my anger towards Facebook hit a high point when I found myself working alone last night on the DML website. I had finished a post, but I only had the ability to publish it to the DML APP. I could not post to Facebook because my account remains on lockdown. Why? Because FB claims I abused the “spam” rules via my personal account.
The "spam" excuse given to me from Facebook is total BS. I don't use my personal user account to spread spam. Truth is, I rarely look at my personal user account, let alone use it. There is no way I could have done the things they accuse me of doing - and FB knows I am right. Fact is, there is a digital footprint that proves what I am saying! But they know this already.

Dennis Michael Lynch's statement about Facebook.
The Truth with Dennis Michael Lynch
I am now handing this over to the lawyer. So, unless I am given the okay, I will not mention it again other than saying, "I remain locked out."
I urge you to voice your frustration, and I doubly urge you to download the DML APP. It is completely free and we publish trusted news throughout the day, 7 days per week.
That said, I am not going to borrow another person's Facebook LIVE account to do a program. The Walk & Talks and "The Truth" are both dark until we find another way. I ask you to stay tuned and remain in my corner.