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When it comes to healthy eating, many of us are willing to put up with some less-than-desirable flavors if it means protecting our body from disease. However, a recent study has shown that some of the most delicious foods in a health-conscious diet have even more benefits than previously believed.
Berries, red wine, dark chocolate and black tea have gotten a lot of praise recently for their flavonoid content. These protective complexes are known for their ability to boost immunity and fight infections. Now, a study has shown that these nutrients are enhanced even further when they interact with a certain type of gut microbe.
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This means that no matter how many berries you eat or how much red wine or black tea you drink, the right microbes need to metabolize the flavonoids you consume in order to derive the immune-boosting benefits. Nevertheless, foods high in flavonoids remain some of the healthiest choices you can make.