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Cannabis Is A Wonderful Healing Plant.
Written By Dayna Colvin
This past year, I learned about a wonderful healing plant known as cannabis. I read about all the wonderful healing benefits men and women have experienced when treating their physical pain and mental health distress with cannabis. I've also read about parents whose special needs children suffer from chronic pain from chronic illness and when given cannabinoid oil (CBD), their children feel relief and sleep better. Up until last year, I was only familiar with recreational marijuana, also known as pot or weed, and sadly, like many misinformed people across the country, I had my own trepidations about using the healing plant. But this quickly changed when I read several news stories about couples who treated their toddler-age children’s epileptic seizures with cannabinoid oil. I also read about elderly men and women and war veterans who have suffered from post traumatic stress disorder PTSD for many years and were sick and tired of being dependent on big pharmaceutical pain medications for the rest of their life. I am a 100% holistic herbalist from head to toe and I will only use all natural herbal remedies to treat my physical and mental health issues, including pain.
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