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self flying taxi Would you ride in a drone? Self-flying taxi will have parachutes but no driver.
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From self-driving cars to. . . self-flying taxis? The advancements in technology around the world continue as the world’s first self-flying taxi was tested in Sept. in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, as reported by The Daily Mail.
Dubai joins the race to become the first city with SELF-FLYING TAXIS: Two-seater 'Volocopter' completes its maiden test run.
Two-seater 'Volocopter'
The unmanned flying vehicle looks and flies similarly to a helicopter, except it is smaller with only two seats and has 18 rotors. It has a maximum airspeed of 100 kilometers per hour and can fly up to 30 minutes. It is also equipped with back-up batteries, rotors, communication network, and parachutes for emergency purposes and to make its passengers feel safe. The self-flying taxi was created by Volocopter, a German drone company.