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Money and ObamaCare Repealing Obamacare individual mandate would boost health freedom and save the government hundreds of BILLIONS each year.
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Two of the most important aspects of repealing Obamacare are regularly under-reported by the "mainstream" media and ignored by Democrats: Getting rid of the law's individual mandate would not only dramatically enhance health freedom, but it would also save our broke government hundreds of billions of dollars.
As reported by the Washington Free Beacon, the Congressional Budget Office estimated last week that getting rid of the mandate - a requirement that all Americans be forced to buy overpriced, under-delivering insurance - would save $338 billion over the next decade.
Under the law, Americans who fail to purchase health insurance as required are fined by the Internal Revenue Service. A recent report by the Taxpayer Advocate Service found that about 4 million Americans paid an average penalty of $708 this year, or $2.8 billion in all, the Free Beacon reported.
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