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Bees Hive Honey Comb Beeswax found to reduce stress and improve sleep thanks to this remarkable molecule.
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According to a study published in Scientific Reports, which was conducted by a team from the International Institute for Integrative Sleep Medicine at the University of Tsukuba in Japan, octacosanol - which is already being used as a supplement to lower the body's cholesterol levels - reduces the levels of a major stress hormone in mice, thereby providing its possibility as a treatment for stress-induced insomnia.
Sleeping for less than six hours a night is as bad as binge drinking.
"Sleep plays an important role in regulating the hormones that influence hunger (ghrelin, cortisol, and leptin), that's why sleep deprivation increases appetite and leads to overeating and weight gain," Western University neuroscientist Dr. Adrian Owen said in an interview with Digital
Plants as a natural relaxant.
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Some of the plants that can contribute to a good night’s rest - provided that they are in the bedroom with you - include the following:
Lavender - This plant helps ease stress and anxiety levels, thus lulling you to a deep slumber. According to research, the presence of lavender can even hush crying babies into a deep sleep, thus reducing the stress levels of the new mother.
Jasmine - Jasmine soothes fraying and tired nerves in your body. It is said to induce feelings of positivity in a person.
Snake plant - Aside from being an attractive home decoration, it releases oxygen in the night, helping to make the room more airy and allowing for a better breathing experience.