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Whole Artichoke Vegetable Leaves Artichoke Extract Found To Lower High Cholesterol And Protect The Liver From Alcohol Damage.
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It seems like there is a drug for everything these days, and many doctors are all too willing to send you on your way with a prescription for the latest chemicals Big Pharma is peddling that may or may not help you feel better but will almost certainly cause at least one side effect. It's no wonder that more and more people are looking to nature to find treatments that are not only effective but also unlikely to cause more problems than they had before they started taking them. A new study has shown that the humble artichoke can be a valuable tool in fighting two specific problems.
Safer choice than statins.
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A recent study found that taking a daily statin for five years after a heart attack did not improve people's survival chances, prompting one researcher to accuse Big Pharma of pulling "the wool over our eyes." In fact, that paper said that quitting statins could even save more lives and enhance the quality of life of those who give them up. Artichoke leaf extract, along with a healthy diet, could prove to be useful in helping people avoid needing dangerous statins and keeping their cholesterol under control.