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Studying nutrition is a fascinating though lengthy endeavor. As you browse through this food treasury, you would be hard-pressed to find a lesser-known fruit than the quandong. Many people remain unaware of this beautiful, tiny treasure found only in the deep bushes of Australia. Perhaps its invisibility is not so strange when you consider that the Aboriginal people fiercely guarded this bright red, inch-long fruit. It has only been recently that medical science has explored quandong's therapeutic benefits.
List of known nutrients
Dietary Fiber
Vitamin C
Medicinal uses for quandong
The Australian people call the quandong0 "wild peach" or "desert peach", stating that the fruit is as rich in vitamin C as the conventional peach. Scientists confirm this to be true. Quandong has a vitamin C content comparable to that of an orange.
Body systems supported by quandong
Quandong supports the entire immune system. It can be taken to boost one's nutritional profile. The fruit's leaves and nuts, however, are notably effective in enhancing the skin and hair.
Ways to use quandong
The fruit is versatile in its culinary applications. Most people prefer to have the fruit as a tea or infusion. The more adventurous can try for a quandong spread (similar to hummus) to place on a cracker or bread.
Where to learn more
Quandong is an exotic fruit found only in Australia. It appears to be a great antioxidant as well as an effective agent in promoting beautiful skin and hair.