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republicans congress trump healthcare bill These three things got Trump elected but will get Republicans thrown out of office if they don't help him pass them.
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Without question, the Democratic Party has been hijacked by the extreme Left, as evidenced by the fact that lawmakers like Rep. Maxine Waters of California and Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who are far to the Left of Che Gueverra and the Castros in Cuba, are now the party's stars. Granted, Sanders has gone back to being an "Independent" since getting screwed out of the party's presidential nomination by the lying cheaters who run the party, but his ideas - socialized medicine, high taxes on the wealthy, out-of-sync social policies, and financially unsound wage increases - now dominate the Democratic Party's principle political objectives.
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The opportunity to dominate politics for the foreseeable future - there are three things that the GOP should help Trump get done that would lock in Republican control of government for decades to come. But if Republicans don't, those who thwart the president and keep him from keeping his pledges will pay for it the next time they come up for reelection. Oh, and they'll lose control over the reins of power.
The three things are: Building the border wall; tax reform; and repealing Obamacare (and replacing it with. . . nothing).
cyber study Border Wall.
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Trump began building his unwavering base on the broader issue of immigration - enforcing immigration laws already on the books, deporting people in the country illegally, and building a "big, beautiful wall" along the U.S.-Southwest border. When he descended Trump Tower in 2015 to announce his presidency, he opened his campaign with a pledge to crack down on illegal immigration. Twice now the GOP-controlled Congress has blocked all efforts by the president and the White House to get funding for the proposed wall, which actually could be very cool and self-sustaining if it's built with solar panels. Republicans who continue to put donor cheap immigrant labor concerns ahead of what’s best for the country - and Trump's wall pledge - will pay the price electorally.
cyber study Next, tax reform.
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Trump wants to lower the corporate tax rate from its current level of as much as 35 percent, the highest in the industrialized world. Entire corporations have moved their operations overseas to places like Ireland, where the corporate tax rate is less than half our rate at 15 percent, and they've taken jobs (and income) with them. Corporations are said to have parked something like $3 trillion overseas that could be repatriated to the U.S. if the tax rates were lower. Imagine how many jobs and new growth opportunities that kind of money would create. Trump also wants to lower personal income tax rates as well, which would be a welcome relief for all Americans who are now paying more in taxes than ever.
cyber study Obamacare.
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This one should have been a slam-dunk, considering that Republicans en masse have been promising for years this awful, grotesque, debilitating piece of legislation would be repealed and replaced with free-market solutions. GOP leaders said in January when the new Congress convened that it would be the first thing they would send to Trump's desk after he was inaugurated later in the month. Not only did it not happen, now it doesn’t even appear to be on anyone's legislative radar. This is a HUGE mistake for Republicans; Obamacare is not that popular and even if it were, it's destroying the healthcare and health insurance markets, making them prohibitively expensive and practically useless for the majority of Americans.