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Vegetables Nutrition Healthy Diet "Perfect day on a plate" - doctor shares daily dietary tips for healthy living.
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The doctor noted that he follows a certain workout routine when he wakes up in the morning. This routine included doing 30 to 45 minutes of various exercises such as stretching and yoga as well as strength and high-intensity interval training
Expert makes a run down of other beneficial food habits to follow.
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Aside from his daily routine, the doctor also shared more tips on developing healthy food habits.
According to Dr. Aujla, people trying to adopt a healthier diet must stop the following bad habits:
~ Forgetting to drink water first thing in the morning.
~ Eating the same breakfast for weeks.
~ Drinking coffee every day or having it after 2 p.m., especially if caffeine sensitivity is an issue.
~ Consuming high sugar and processed foods. Dr. Aujla said these can be replaced with other, equally appetizing foodfare like dark chocolate and berries.
~ Eating well beyond 8 p.m.
~ Snacking in-between meals.
~ The general practitioner also listed a number of foods that people need to eliminate from their diet. According to Dr. Aujla, it is important to take out refined carbohydrates, sugars, and hidden sugars to promote the body’s overall health.
The expert noted that food laden with empty calories - such as sweets, chocolate bars, and crisps as well as pastries, biscuits, and sweet granola bars - are obvious sources of these harmful ingredients. The general practitioner also cautioned against eating the following sources of refined sugar:
~ All white sugar
~ All juice
~ Soft drinks
~ White rice
~ White pasta
~ Wholemeal and white bread
~ Sauces and other condiments
remove all juices remove all condiments
The doctor also stressed that people should stay away from fake foods that label themselves as healthy alternatives and low fat substitutes and sweeteners. According to Dr. Aujla, these health claims have led to a significant rise in diet sandwiches, sweeteners, and margarine that contain ingredients that may trigger the onset of heart attack.
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