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hacked christmas vtech How To Check If Your Credit Information Was Stolen By Hackers Who Broke Into Equifax.
(143 Million Americans Affected)
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Even if you've never used Equifax before, there is a decent possibility that your credit information could have been stolen by hackers in their recent high-profile cybersecurity breach. According to Equifax, the personal information of up to 143 million Americans - nearly half the country - was accessed by cyber criminals. As one of the country's three nationwide credit report companies, they track and rate consumers' financial histories using data they obtain from banks, credit card companies, lenders and retailers - without your knowledge. Some people in Canada and the U.K. were also affected.
Consider placing fraud alerts on your credit report.
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The Equifax breach is one of the biggest and most serious on record. It occurred some time between the middle of May and July. Although Equifax discovered the hack on July 29, it took them six weeks to notify the public. As this incident illustrates, it is important to be vigilant and check your account statements and credit reports regularly to protect yourself.