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The farmer, Steve Tennes, is the owner of Country Mill Farms, which is located in the nearby town of Charlotte. Tennes and his wife Bridget, who are both military veterans, have taken part in the East Lansing farmers' market for the past seven years. In fact, the city invited them to participate in past years because their farm embraced the "spirit of the market."
What happened to freedom of speech in America?
free speech
He decided to sue them on the grounds of free speech. His attorneys filed a motion for a preliminary injunction that would allow him to return to the farmers' market before the end of the season in late October. The city of East Lansing has asked the district court judge to dismiss the case.
Banned from participating over religious views.
Farmers banned from market over religious beliefs
His attorneys pointed out that the farm has no record of discriminatory business practices and there have never been any customer complaints. They argued that the city's policy reaches beyond its jurisdiction, is too broad, and is a violation of Tennes's First Amendment rights.