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Man Pinch Stomach Fat Belly Your gut has a circadian rhythm: Researchers uncover new clues about body fat storage.
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The unheard conversation between your gut microbiome and the environment directly translates to how you store fat, says a team of researchers from the UT Southwestern Medical Center. Their new research, novel in its exactness to determine the processes of gut bacteria, provides clues to how our body;s circadian clock and digestive microflora interact with each other to influence body fat accumulation. These findings further implicate the gravity of choice in weight gain and loss among individuals. While genetics may predispose a person to have certain types of bacteria, environmental factors (entirely within one's control) play a stronger role in how lean or overweight one is in adult life.
Weighing in on the obesity crisis.
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For the most part, obesity is self-inflicted. There are those who do have a genetic disorder or medical condition which contributes to excessive weight gain, but medical doctors have noted that bad eating habits along with a sedentary lifestyle are two of the biggest reasons why people are overweight or obese.
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Numerous studies have additionally concluded that gut bacteria could affect the way you think. Those with mood disorders such as depression and anxiety are usually recommended by wellness doctors to begin taking in more magnesium and B vitamins which improve one's nutritional profile.
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