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super foods Super Food News Detox heavy metals from your body with these 10 foods.
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The scientific community has long established that the accumulation of heavy metals in the body may result in a plethora of adverse health conditions. In fact, a meta analysis published in Molecular, Clinical and Environmental Toxicology confirms that processing heavy metals not only contaminates the environment but also compromises the body's overall well being.
We will walk you through the top 10 superfoods that help detoxify the body and eliminate the harmful heavy metals from the body.
Top 10 detox foods that help flush out heavy metals.
1. Cilantro - Experts say that cilantro contains strong chelating properties that bind with heavy metals and flush them out of the body.
2. Spirulina - The blue-green algae is an excellent source of folic acid and is touted for its efficacy in removing heavy metals from the nervous system and the liver.
3. Probiotic foods - According to experts, probiotic-rich foods contain high levels of lactic acid that binds to metal atoms.
4. Ginger - Ginger is touted to support kidney health, which in turn promotes the body's elimination process.
5. Citrus fruits - Like lactic acid, the high citric acid content in citrus fruits are also known to attach to metal atoms and lead them out of the body's system.
6. Activated charcoal - Experts note that activated charcoal can be safely consumed by those who want to detoxify their bodies.
7. Chlorella - Another type of beneficial algae, chlorella is known to bind with metal deposits in the body.
8. Milk thistle seeds - According to previous studies, milk thistle seeds protect against the harmful effects of mercury.
9. Garlic - Past studies have also shown that garlic is highly effective in keeping the harmful effects of heavy metals such as cadmium and mercury at bay.
10. Alpha lipoic acids - Foods rich in alpha lipoic acids - such as peas, Brussels sprouts, and broccoli as well as spinach and rice bran - are believed to have the capacity to cross the blood brain barrier and take out heavy metals from the brain.
As you can see, you can easily detox your body with nutrition. A lot of these food items are relatively cheap and easy to find in your local grocery store. We recommend that you mix-and-match a lot of these foods so that you will also have fun on your journey to overall health.
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