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Young Couple Love Sleeping Natural Chemical In A Variety Of Plants, Such As Sugarcane, May Help You Sleep.
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Sleeping, just like eating, drinking, and breathing, is a basic human need. However, socio-economic factors, stressful jobs, and environment affect people’s sleep. Oftentimes, it leads to sleep deprivation. Lack of sleep causes a lot of stress, and stress itself is one of the major causes of sleep loss or difficulty in falling asleep. Some people have tried to solve this by taking sleeping pills; however this does not address the stress component and often have side effects.
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Being sleep-deprived can affect both the brain and cognitive function. When someone is sleep deprived, they may experience fatigue, clumsiness, or crankiness.
Sleep disorders reduce the body’s response to flu vaccine, increase stress on the heart, and increase insulin resistance and risk of diabetes.