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The deep state is trying to silence Natural News and prevent you from learning the truth about all the topics we cover (survival, preparedness, heavy metals in medicine, toxic herbicides in the food supply, etc.), and they are trying everything they can think of to shut us down. But they have failed at every turn, and our audience continues to rapidly expand for the simple reason that people want to know the truth about everything.
Surviving the radioactive isotopes.
The upshot of all this? Here are three very valuable takeaway points (with more discussion of radioactive isotopes below):
Tip #1) Don't live in a city that's likely to be targeted in a nuclear strike. Because if you do, you're basically f#cked.
Tip #2) If a detonation occurs, get out of the wind path that carries the radiation. It helps to know the prevailing winds beforehand.
Tip #3) You can survive a close-in nuclear strike if you have an underground bunker and an air filter that can remove radioactive particles. This requires considerable preparation with food, water, emergency communications, firearms defense, a backup power source and all the rest. No small feat..
Additional threats: Social chaos, lawlessness, starvation and disease.
Once you make it through the initial blast and have escaped the radiation, you still need to survive the social chaos, lawlessness, starvation and disease that will likely follow.
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