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obama care Claims that "thousands will die" if Obamacare MANDATE goes away is nothing but a Democrat LIE, and here’s why.
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Now that we’re on the cusp of getting rid of one of the most constitutionally offensive laws — the mandate that all Americans be forced to purchase a product, in this case, health insurance, or be punished — Democrats have gone into full panic mode and have cranked up their propaganda machine.
The nitwits on the Left claim three things that are absolutely false when it comes to health insurance coverage and health, The Daily Signal’s Robert Moffit, senior fellow for Health Policy Studies at the Heritage Foundation, writes:
- Coverage reduces mortality
- The individual mandate expands insurance coverage
- The mandate, therefore, reduces mortality so, conversely, getting rid of it will increase mortality.
But even more than that, the entire premise of Obamacare was a sham from the get-go. Do you remember being told all of the ‘wonderful things’ the law would accomplish?
- Under Obamacare, every American would be covered. That never happened. In fact, according to a New York Times estimate, 29 million Americans remained uninsured during the 2016 tax filing year. 29 million.
- Obama and Democrats repeatedly told Americans their law would reduce premiums, deductibles, and out-of-pocket expenses. Lie. In fact, Obamacare caused dramatic increases in monthly premiums and deductibles, with many Americans paying more, more, more for mandated coverage. Indeed, without substantial changes in the ‘Affordable’ Care Act, premiums are set to jump another 50 percent or more in some markets next year.
- The “you can keep your doctor” lie revolved around Obama’s promise that nothing in the massive Obamacare legislation would cause anyone to have to change primary care providers. Lie. He made the same promise about health care plans — if we liked what we had already, we could keep it.
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