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Eggs In A Bowl Want to get off those diabetes meds? Research shows a diet high in protein and good fats but low in carbs helps manage the disease.
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People suffering from type-2 diabetes may have themselves a good reason to eat protein, based on research.
The diet, according to researchers at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), is composed of a low volume of carbohydrates paired with higher amounts of protein and unsaturated fats.
Associate Professor Grant Brinkworth, who is the principal research scientist at CSIRO, explains that the diet is different from other existing diets. "Traditional dietary approaches for managing type-2 diabetes could be outdated," Brinkworth says. "We really need to review the current dietary guidelines if we are serious about using the latest scientific evidence to reduce the impact of the disease."

Type-2 diabetes is the most common form of the disease. This occurs when your body cannot properly produce insulin. People who suffer from this can experience anywhere from hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) to kidney damage, and even slow healing. Extreme cases will result to amputation and severe nerve damage.
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