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Eating more fruits and vegetables can protect against systemic inflammation, according to study.
Written by: Michelle Simmons
Fruits and vegetables are essential to a healthy diet. A new study suggests people to eat more fruits and vegetables rich in carotenoids as they can help protect against chronic inflammation.
For the study, researchers from the U.S. looked at the link between different doses of carotenoid-rich fruits and vegetable intake, plasma carotenoids, and inflammatory markers.

Other health benefits of carotenoids.
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In addition to giving color to fruits and vegetables, carotenoids also act as a type of antioxidant for humans. This means that they can help prevent diseases and boost immunity. Here are other health benefits carotenoid-rich foods offer:
red dot Enhance eye health: Lutein and zeaxanthin are two types of carotenoids that are particularly good for eye health. Research has shown that eating foods rich in these carotenoids can keep the cells in the eyes healthy and prevent the growth of cancerous cells. Lutein and zeaxanthin have also been found to help absorb blue light, which can be harmful to the delicate parts of the eye and cause macular degeneration. Studies suggest that adding at least six milligrams (mg) of lutein to your diet a day can cut macular degeneration risk by 43 percent.
red dot Protect the heart: The anti-inflammatory properties of carotenoids have been linked to preventing heart disease and preventing arterial wall blockages.
red dot Ward off cancer: Carotenoids have been linked to lowering the risk of lung cancer and skin cancer due to their antioxidant properties. Additionally, some carotenoids can break down into vitamin A, which is essential in preventing premature skin damage from sun exposure.
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