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Why acupuncture may be the best option for people trying to quit smoking.
Written by: Michelle Simmons
Quitting smoking may be challenging because of the addictive nicotine content in tobaccos, but it can be made easier with natural therapies like acupuncture. A study published in the journal Chest found that acupuncture safely and effectively helps people quit tobacco smoking. This alternative therapy, which is a form of traditional Chinese medicine, is also as effective as nicotine replacement therapy in this aspect.

The effects of quitting smoking.
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The moment you stop smoking, your body starts to recover. Here are the benefits you will experience when you stop smoking after:
red dot One hour: After 20 minutes without a cigarette, your heart rate will drop and return to normal, as well as your blood pressure. Then, your blood circulation may start to improve.
red dot 12 hours: Twelve hours after the last cigarette is smoked, the body starts to get rid of the unwanted carbon monoxide from the cigarettes. When carbon monoxide levels go back to normal, the oxygen levels in the body will start to increase.
red dot One day: At this point, your risk of heart attack starts to decrease. Smoking increases the risk of coronary heart disease, blood pressure, and blood clots – all of which are detrimental to the heart and blood vessels.
red dot One month: After a month, your lungs start to health and your lung function starts to improve. Your also athletic endurance improves.
red dot One year: By this time, your lungs have significantly healed themselves. Your risk of developing coronary heart disease have also decreased by half and will continue to drop after your one-year mark.
Every year of not smoking reduces your risks of diseases and improves overall health. No matter how challenging quitting smoking is, the benefits are worth it.
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