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One seed at a time: (Part 4)
Box Vegetables Her Garden
Tips for growing your own vegetable garden.
Written By Zoey Sky
It can be daunting to plan your own garden, especially if you’re a beginner. If you need some help, we’re sharing some tips that can help you design a bountiful home garden.

Start your seeds early.
This will save you money, and it can also give your plants the best chance at growing hearty roots. To make a healthy seed starting mix, use light, well-screened materials that promote root growth. These materials will also ensure that the mix doesn’t compact in small seed starting cells or containers.
Seeds need optimum growing conditions to grow healthy.
1. Water – Water allows seeds in your garden to swell up so the embryo starts growing.
2. Oxygen – Oxygen allows energy to be released for seed germination.
3. Warmth – Germination improves as temperature rises.
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