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Not a single Democrat voted for the "Green New Deal," proving they don't actually believe what they say.
Written By Ethan Huff
In what obviously came as a shock to many, the Senate recently voted on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's (AOC) so-called "Green New Deal," and wouldn't you know it - not a single member of Congress, including Democrats, voted in favor of it.

Even Democrat Senator Ed Markey, who co-authored the Green New Deal, didn't vote in favor of it.
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Hilariously, even AOC's partner in crime, Democrat Senator and Green New Deal co-author Ed Markey, reportedly gave a "present" vote rather than support his own bill, leaving AOC all alone in her quest to stop the world from allegedly ending in 12 years due to cow farts.

red dot For a more in-depth analysis of how the Green New Deal would not only bankrupt our country but also starve people to death, check out this analysis by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger.
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