Sunday, April 1st, 2018
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Computer Owners Urged To Do This Today...

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BY Andrew Smith - Windows Computer Blogger Andrew Smith investigates a new solution that is quickly gaining popularity with the average Windows user.
Thousands of Windows owners across the U.S have been rushing to get their hands on the latest protection, after a huge surge in identity theft, caused by malware found silently embedded on Windows computers without the owner knowing.
How Do I Get My Free Copy?
If you own a Windows computer that's connected to the internet then you are eligible for a free version of Scanguard.

Down Load Botton
Our Team Tested Scanguard
ScanGuard will detect and eliminate any Viruses, Adware and Malware which maybe silently dormant on your computer ready to bombard you with advertising, slow down your computer, or even, steal your personal information like credit card data when shopping online or Internet banking.