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Phosphates are common food additives that could be making you tired and lazy.
Written By Michelle Simmons
It is known that eating processed foods can take a toll on your health for they are made with chemicals toxic to the body. In a new study, researchers report that inorganic phosphate - a common preservative and flavor enhancer added to most foods in the Western diet - can leave you feeling tired and lazy.

Things you need to know about phosphates.
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Phosphate is an inorganic derivative of phosphorus that is usually added to processed foods, not for nutritional benefit, but for science. These toxic ingredients are commonly found in processed cheese as emulsifiers to keep oil and water mixed together. In iced teas, sodas, and french fries, phosphates are used to add color. They are also added to foods like powdered milk, powdered coffee, and pudding. Most commonly, they are found in inorganic meat, poultry, and seafood; they injected in a water solution to help the meat retain more water when you recook it. On the other hand, phosphorus is a mineral naturally found in protein-rich foods such as meat, fish, and eggs. This mineral is needed by the body to keep the kidneys, bones, and muscles working properly.
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