Tuesday, April 03, 2018
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Are prewashed and packaged salad greens as good as making it yourself? A nutritional review.
Written by Frances Bloomfield
Prepackaged salads are a godsend for those of us who are too busy to prepare our own healthy meals. They offer vitamin- and mineral-rich fruits and vegetables in a convenient package - what's not to love? Well, unfortunately, therein lies the problem. Prepackaged salads and their greens are convenient, but are they as healthy as fresh salads?

What’s lost.
leafy greens
Prepackaged spinach and kale are good examples of this. These vegetables are always washed before being bundled to rid them of dirt and bugs. Although washing does a good job of cleaning them up, it strips away vitamins C and B folate too. These are water-soluble vitamins, meaning they dissolve in water. Moreover, excessive washing can damage the surface of spinach and kale. This can then lead to nutrient leaching or to oxidation, both of which have the potential to speed up the rate of nutrient loss.

What isn't.
fruits and vegetables
That being said, not all nutrients are that fragile. Iron, calcium, and vitamins A, E, and K are stable enough to withstand a good wash. Similarly, vegetables like watercress and lettuce can maintain the majority of their nutritional content even after being refrigerated for days at a time.

pots on the stove
While nothing beats making a salad from scratch, you can do worse than munching on a prepackaged salad from your favorite grocery. Just make sure to check the packaging date of your salad of choice, and to eat it as soon as possible.
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