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Drones can take birdwatching to the next level.
Written By Edsel Cook
Aerial drones are being touted as a much better way to watch over endangered species in the wilderness. U.K. researchers recently suggest sending out drones with thermal-sensing cameras that can spot the well-camouflaged specimens and hidden nests of the European nightjar (Caprimulgus europaeus).

Automating birdwatching with aerial drones.
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The photos were also compared based on the detail acquired from the drone's altitude and the time of the overflight. The researchers determined that the best altitude to take photos was also the lowest (32 feet), while the cooler periods of dawn and dusk were the best times.

Even endangered birds fear the drones that are monitoring them.
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Researchers are not sure if the nightjars considered the drones to be a threat. They will adjust the performance of the aerial drones when they expand the experiment in the future. That way, the birds will not feel threatened by the mechanical devices that are watching over their safety.
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