Saturday, APRIL 7, 2018
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BUSTED! Major new Clinton campaign scandal exposed.
The Holmes Front, with Frank Holmes
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton implied that the NRA secretly took money from the Russian government to bring down her brilliant presidential campaign in 2016.
But a fresh political scandal shows that it was actually her campaign that hid tens of thousands of dollars in funding from her government-funded donors.
Hillary’s a horrible politician, but she’s a perfect example of the two things anti-American politicians always do: They shift the blame, and they lecture the American people on how much their country sucks.
After former President Barack Obama got elected, he went on a global apology tour, groveling and begging the Muslim world to please forgive America for defending herself.
Since Hillary didn’t win the presidential election, she has gone on a tour to explain why she lost.
For 17 months, she has told anyone who will listen it’s not her fault - it was the Russians, racism, sexism, James Comey, fake news.
She’s droned on so long and insulted so many Americans that her fellow Democrats are begging her to go back to drinking and taking long walks in the woods.
Answers like that make you wonder if Hillary has been drinking wine - or vodka - after all.
The Federal Election Commission just slapped one of Hillary’s donors with a hefty fine for hiding its contributions.
Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin did not report $116,898 in campaign contributions to Democrats as required by law.
Half of that went to Hillary Rodham Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, the other half to Democrat Russ Feingold.
The Planned Parenthood affiliate didn’t report either donation within 48 hours, as required by law. As a matter of fact, 90 percent of its campaign donations in the quarter before the 2016 elections weren’t reported accurately.
"This error was due to a misunderstanding," Planned Parenthood told the FEC. Some low-level, unnamed employee "mistakenly believed 48-hour reports were not required unless expenditures were made within 20 days of the election." Oops!
Hillary wants the feds to investigate the NRA – because she wants to jump on the Parkland bandwagon – but the NRA spent $30 million supporting Trump in 2016. Planned Parenthood launched a $30 million get-out-the-vote drive for Hillary…in six states alone.
Do you see the game yet? Democrats give taxpayer money to their buddies on the far-Left, like Planned Parenthood.
Then, the liberals chalk the whole thing up to "mistakes" and "misunderstandings." As long as Democrats are in power, the government forgives them and moves on.
Then raises taxes and put your money through the cycle all over again.
Trump got elected to put a stop to this, and he should make an example out of this. Every chapter of Planned Parenthood should be audited for illegal campaign donations and fined to the full extent of the law.
And crooked Hillary needs make one last tour stop… in prison
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