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Three of the best prepping strategies to prevent a fuel shortage during a crisis.
Written by Zoey Sky
We’ve grown accustomed to living with both gasoline and propane, but when SHTF, preppers know that it’s possible to live without fuel.

Fuel prepping strategies.
gas cans
Below are three prepping strategies that you can try so you’ll have access to fuel even after disaster strikes:

1. First, you can keep a 500-gallon propane tank as your backup fuel, and you can use it when winter comes. You can pair it with a wall-mounted gas heater so you can keep your home nice and warm. This is an efficient way to heat the home, and it won’t deplete the propane in your tank. This method can also help keep the heat on when you’re experiencing temporary power outages.

2. You can also stock up on some 20-pound (lb) propane tanks. They’re a portable and versatile solution. In fact, you might already own one or a couple of these tanks if you have a backyard grill. This method can also serve as a cooking prep, and the tanks are conspicuous enough not to arouse suspicion if you keep several in your garage.

3. Lastly, you can stock up on some gasoline cans. When stored properly in sturdy cans, gasoline will last for a long time. Get some five-gallon cans so you won’t have a hard time lifting the cans when you need to use the fuel. Start filling some gasoline cans today, and use them up on a rotating schedule so your stock doesn’t go to waste.

If you decide on getting the 20-lb propane tanks, don’t buy several in go. You don’t want to alert your neighbors that you’re stocking up on fuel.

Tips for proper fuel storage.
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Check out these tips on how to store gasoline and propane properly:
red dot Storing gasoline - Gas often lasts for at least a year, depending on where you store it. Any longer than a year and gas can become highly unusable. There are products that can be added to gasoline to increase its shelf life, such as gasoline stabilizer additives.
red dot Storing propane - Unlike gasoline, propane is straightforward to store. Propane can be stored in propane storage tanks in either large or small quantities and it can be stored safely for a long time.
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