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Health Ranger offers to share details with Bayer’s internal investigations team about death threats from Monsanto black ops hit men.
Written By Ethan Huff
One of Monsanto’s many targeted victims over the years, Adams has been on the receiving end of repeated intimidation, threats, and other illicit attacks levied against him by the Monsanto Mafia. And he’s ready, like we all are, to see the world’s most evil corporation finally face the music for its crimes against humanity.
Bayer says it supports criminal indictments against corrupt Monsanto leadership, adds that it's committed to 'openness and fair dealings'.
In exchange for this favor, though, Adams is asking Bayer to issue a public apology that specifically names himself, the Food Babe, Jeffrey Smith, and about 20 others in the independent media whom he says were also "targeted, smeared and threatened" by Monsanto.
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