Monday, April 09, 2018
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EATING THEIR OWN: Now even the progressive-leaning "Big Bang Theory" show is under attack by liberals for featuring intelligent men of science.
Written by Jayson Veley
It seems as though the liberals always find a way to complain about something – if it’s not racist, then its sexist, and if it’s not sexist, then it’s somehow an example of “toxic masculinity.” Take the left-leaning television show The Big Bang Theory, for example, which two (presumably liberal) professors are now attacking for its display of what they are calling “toxic geek masculinity.” That’s right – even progressive-leaning television programs aren’t safe from the social justice crowd.

In their new book “Toxic Geek Masculinity in Media: Sexism, Trolling, and Identity Politics,” authors Bridget Blodgett of the University of Maryland and Anastasia Salter of the University of Central Florida argue that contrary to popular belief, computer geeks aren’t a marginalized group; rather, they are aligned “with a type of toxic straight white masculinity that is rooted deeply in current cultural struggles.”

Big Bang Theory
It doesn’t stop here, either – a quick Internet search will reveal a seemingly endless amount of news stories and opinion columns on “toxic masculinity,” which at this point we can safely refer to as a war on men. This ongoing battle against masculinity has manifested not just in our schools, but also in the mainstream media, Hollywood, and virtually every other major institution in America. The only thing more frightening than a concerted effort to do away with manhood as we know it is that, unfortunately, the progressives appear to be succeeding.
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